Welcome to AMO testnet!

AMO testnet has two main purposes:

  1. Test functionality and stability of latest S/W snapshot of AMO blockchain.
  2. Test third-party business integration.

For the first purpose, AMO testnet shall be periodically purged and restarted (about once a week).

To see the internals of the AMO blockchain, visit our github.com page.

To see how to connect to the AMO testnet, visit this page.

To see blocks the AMO testnet creates, visit AMO blockchain explorer.

2019-05-09: Testnet-190509 launched

New testnet launched. This time, with paust-db as a default storage service. Paust-db supports basic functions including upload, download and delete. According to AMO Storage Service Requirements, any AMO-compliant storage service should implement an access control feature, but there is no user authentication or access control feature yet. Access control will be applied in the next testnet, coming in about two weeks from now.

Client features regarding data transfer will be provided next week with the current testnet.

2019-05-07: Upcoming testnet with data upload feature

Testnet-190509 will be launched on 2019-05-09 13:00 KST. This testnet will implement data upload feature, but with limited size. Users will be able to upload any data, but the upload feature is not tightly bound with the encryption feature. We are currenty finalizing AMO storage service specification, and this document will specify the data parcel format and requirements to support data encryption and key custody handling. Note that data upload feature is not part of AMO blockchain protocol. It shall be handled by clients and AMO storage services, not the blockchain nodes themselves. So, more precisely, this testnet will come along with the default storage service (PAUST-DB).

2019-04-23: Testnet-190423 launched

The launch was delayed about 3 hours in order to fix a bug in validator update mechanism. Now it's online (15:00 KST). Unfortunately, there wasn't enough time to setup a faucet site. It will come soon.

2019-04-22: Testnet-190423 launches

The second testnet will open on 2019-04-23 13:00 KST, using software version v1.0-alpha4. The genesis file can be retrieved from this location. It will come along with a simple faucet site.

2019-04-17: Raindrop generator is coming

Raindrop script is a low-profile transaction generator. Due to the fix introduced on Apr. 16, blocks are not generated when there is no transactions to process. To stir up some activities in the testnet blockchain and nodes, we are planning to launch a transaction generator. This transaction generator has two P256 private keys associated with two test accounts. These acounts were given some AMO coins to spend. The transaction generator will occasionally transfer small amount of AMO coins from one account to the other. These transfer transactions are scheduled to be generated once in several tens of minutes. Since this is not a heavy load, we do not call this a load generator. Rather we call this a raindrop generator.

† To figure out why we used P256 keys, see this note.

2019-04-16: Hot fix for testnet-190415

The press release has been postponed until the weekend and there is no serious traffic to this testnet yet. So, there is a chance to update the software before public notice. One noticeable change is that blocks will be created only if there is any transaction to include. Currently a block is created every second even if there is no transaction to process. Technically, this is due to the block reward mechanism and the appHash handling in the tendermint layer. Original configuration was that validators shall receive a reward even for an empty block. Since the tendermint layer records the ABCI app's state change in the NEXT block, not the CURRENT block, a state change coming from the block reward for the block n must be recorded in the next block n+1. This NEXT block n+1 may contain no transactions, but even if the block is empty there shall be a state change due to the reward for the block n+1. And, this state change must be recorded in the block n+2 again. And, another block. And another state change, and another block, and so on...

To remedy this problem, block reward for an empty block will be changed to be ZERO. And the block progression will stop if there is no transaction to process.

2019-04-15: Testnet-190415 launches

The first testnet will open on 2019-04-15 12:00 KST, using software version v1.0-alpha2. The genesis file can be retrieved from this location.

Thank you for your interest.